01. Her daughter won an [award] for getting the top marks in her class.
02. The court [awarded] her $200,000 after she was struck by a car while crossing the street.
03. Her paintings have won [awards] in numerous art shows.
04. A young Vancouver woman was recently [awarded] a medal for bravery after saving a little boy who had fallen into a fast moving river.
05. The Academy [Award] for best picture for the year 2000 was given to the film "American Beauty."
06. The young boy covered the walls of his room with the [awards] he had won in sports and at school.
07. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was [awarded] the Nobel Peace Prize for his contribution to the fight for civil rights in the U.S.
08. There is a Portuguese proverb which states that it is better to receive [awards] that you don't deserve rather than deserve them, and not receive them.
09. Actor Peter Ustinov once said that to refuse [awards] is another way of accepting them with more noise than is normal.
10. Jennifer Lopez wore a very revealing dress to the [Awards] show.
11. Company policy states that at least 3 estimates must be obtained before any contracts are [awarded].
12. Costa Rican President Oscar Arias Sanchez was [awarded] the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to bring about peace in Central America.
13. In 1968, singer and guitarist Jimi Hendrix was [awarded] an honorary high school diploma from Garfield High School in Seattle, Washington.
14. In 1215, England's King John was forced to sign the Magna Carta, which [awarded] the people certain basic rights.

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